Custom Batch Soil - Made Fresh for Cannabis and Hemp

Our fibrous grow media are made from premium sourced peat moss, coco, and perlite products. All blends are ph buffered with oyster shell flour. We also offer customized blends with key ingredients like blood meal, mycorrhizae, kelp meal, compost, worm castings, bio-char, and many others.


We can fill your fabric pots! We will mix a custom blend for you and deliver in pots saving you a ton of labor.
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Clean Raw Ingredients

Sphagnum Peat Moss Perlite Coconut Coir Order Up

Colorado ProudCWC Soil is made fresh in Colorado focusing on the need for optimal yields. We deliver soil guaranteed bug free and fresh. Our goal is providing the highest quality at a more than fair price. All of our inert ingredients are OMRI listed.

Base 210 - Our base mix is made of two parts peat moss and one part perlite.Premium Soil Bag

Pro 321 - This mix includes premium coco husks for added aeration. Made with three parts peat moss, two parts perlite, and one part coco.

111 Love - Made with one part peat moss, one part coco, and one part perlite.

Custom and No-TillBlends- Have your own recipe? We can blend it for you

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Quantity Per cu yd Per 3.8 cu ft bag Per cu ft

Convenient Conversions

1 cu yd = 27 cu ft
1 cu yd = 7 * 3.85 cu ft bags
1 cu ft = 7.5 gal
5 gal bucket = 0.67 cu ft
1 cu yd = 40 * 5 gal buckets